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Review | Urban Decay On The Run Palette

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

For christmas I got the Urban Decay 'On The Run' Palette. It came out at the start of the month which, if you ask me, is excellent marketing. I'm pretty sure this is marketed as a pallet for people who travel a lot and it minimises the amount of different products you need to bring. It would also be great for someone who is just starting out with makeup as it allows you to try a lot of different products without spending a boatload of money. Packaging is gorgeous, a really pretty bronze. It actually is a lot lighter in person than you would think. The packaging is arguably a bit bulky to travel with but for everything you're getting its not too bad. 

Top to Bottom : Dive, Fix, Resist, Stare, Stun

In the Palette you get the Perversion mascara, 24/7 Eye pencil in Stag, Lipgloss in Sesso, 4 brand new eye shadows, A counter, Blush & Highlight shade.  The Perversion mascara is one of the best I've ever tried! It makes my lashes really long and amazing. I'm not going to go into major detail because i'm going to give that a review all of its own. I've used some of the 24/7 eye pencils before and I really like how they give you a really dark brown instead of a black. I personally find a black eyeliner a bit boring and is a bit harsh on me. I've only used the lipgloss once I did like the colour but found that the formula was really sticky.  

Next you get 4 eyeshadows especially made for this palette. You get the shades Dive, Fix, Resist, Dare and Stun. As with all urban decay shadows, these are really pigmented and very very long lasting. Dive,Resist and Stun are all shimmers with Fix and Dare being the mattes in the pallet. My personal Favourite shade is Resist. 

The Face powders I like. I'm not totally crazy about them, but I like them. I've found the contour shade a bit orange on me. That's probably because I'm very pale and once I get more ran in the summer months I'll really like it. The blush is nice, in the pan it can look quite bright and scary but it applies a very nice flushed pink shade. The Highlight is gorgeous. I really really like it, it makes a great brow bone highlight and works well on the face too. 

All in all I really really like it. Its definitely worth every single penny you pay for it. It is a limited edition pallet so if you want I'd get it while you can because they are selling out every where. They are great if you're just starting out in makeup and don't know what to try. Its also good for travelling because along with this you only need to bring a foundation, concealer, powder and brow stuff. 

Have you tried this? Whats your opinion?

On Finishing Blogmas Early | #BigBlogmasProject2014

Sunday, 28 December 2014

As you'll know if you've been reading this blog for the past month, you'll know I've been taking part in blogmas. You may also notice I haven't uploaded a post in the past two days, this is because I feel the content I would be posting would be substandard and I'm definitely of the 'Quality over Quantity' mentality, and for that reason I won't be continuing blogmas. I will be resuming my twice weekly posts in the coming week. Expect lots of reviews and hauls, because between christmas and the january sales I've acquired quite a lot of stuff.  Oh and also whats on my iPhone 5s post because santa brought one and i'm very excited about it!

Christmas Wishes | #BigBlogmasProject2014

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Its finally here! I hope Santy came to everyone, and everyone got what they wanted. I hope everyone has a wonderful day and is happy and healthy! I'm going to keep this short and sweet because we should all be enjoying time with others and not on the internet.

Christmas Traditions | #BigBlogmasProject2014

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Every year I'm usually woken up by my younger brother or sister at an ungodly hour on Christmas morning. Then we go down to the sitting room which is normally freezing because again, its an ungodly hour of the morning, and open our presents. When we're finished with that I usually go back to bed and sleep until i'm forced to get up and get ready for mass. I'm not a religious person in anyway shape or form. But needs must. After that we usually go to my aunties house for a gathering of my dad's family. We spend about an hour there before we go up to my granddad's and eat dinner with my mam's friendly for the rest of the day. 
What are your christmas traditions?

Christmas jumpers | #Bigblogmasproject2014

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

When it comes to christmas jumpers, for me, the cheesier/uglier/outlandish the better. I searched the internet and came across these three jumpers which I love. The first which is from boohoo is so fun and would be great with jeans or tucked into a skater skirt! The second which is from New Look is probably the prettiest of the bunch. You could put a denim shirt underneath so you could have the collar peeking out with a cute necklace to glam it up a little. The third is my personal favourite. Its from F&F at tesco  and its so ugly. but thats the reason i'm so fond of it. While I was in tesco I saw a jumper that said 'Chillin with my snowmies' which I thought was probably the most clever thing ever. I actually laughed out loud. 

Christmas Playlist | #BigBlogmasProject2014

Sunday, 21 December 2014

I love christmassy music. You'd have to be a total scrooge not too. Recently I joined Spotify, so if you wanted to follow this christmas playlist just search 'Missemmalouise9', same as on twitter. I love this playlist, I think this is the perfect mix of classic songs, and great covers. 

All I want for christmas is you-Bowling For Soup
Winter Song-Walking on Cars
Baby its cold outside-Glee Cast
Christmas Time-Christina Aguilera
Christmas- Michael Bublé
Winter Wonderland-Jason Mraz
Happy Xmas(War is over)-John Lennon
Santa Baby- Eartha Kitt
Have yourself a merry little Christmas-Frank Sinatra 
Fairytale of New York-The Pogues
I want a hippopotamus for christmas-A great big world 

What is your favourite christmas song?

A more general gift guide | #BigBlogmasProject2014

Saturday, 20 December 2014

So far during Blogmas I've done two gift guides, A Guys and A Girls. This one I feel is more general and you could really give these to anyone.  These are gifts I would actually really like to receive myself, I really wish I would have found the mugs a bit earlier so I could have gotten them for myself!

My Sun & Stars, Moon Of My Life Mugs
I'm in love with these mugs ! Apparently these have something to do with 'Game Of Thrones' I don't watch it so I wouldn't know, But that doesn't change my opinion on these. I love everything to do with the moon. I don't have a reason for it I just do. These would make a great gift to anyone who loves game of thrones, or someone who loves tea/coffee/mugs.

Stephen King Novels
I and many others, would consider Stephen King to be one of the greatest writers. If you know someone who's very into reading and hasn't read any of his books why not give them one? I would recommend starting with 'Misery' but really any of his books are great, you can't go wrong.

Michael Kors Runway Watch
This is a little on the expensive side but its so pretty. This is a womans watch but I don't think its that 'feminine' looking at all. It works no matter who you are.

Favourite posts! | #Blogmasproject2014

Friday, 19 December 2014

Its crazy to think that we're so far through December already! I've been blogging (almost) every day this month and I've also been reading quite a few blogs because of that. This is mainly a roundup of my favourite posts this month! 

Emma from 'Olgreeneyes' did a beautiful post featuring 'Swarovski' jewellery. It was a beautiful outfit and makeup. 

Hello October
This post is a gorgeous christmas party makeup look and what makes it even better is that its from all drugstore products! I would definitely recommend checking it out if you haven't already. 

Oh Hey There Rachael

This isn't exactly a very christmassy post, but it really liked it and found it very thought provoking so I thought why not include it. This is basically about social media and how it influences our lives, I would really recommend reading it. 

Christmas Candles | #BigBlogmasProject2014

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Its kind of expected to burn lots of amazing smelling candles during the winter seasons. It makes anywhere seem so much warm and cozy and even a bit more homely. I have been quite enjoying these two recently. they are the 'Winter Berries' candle from Primark (Pennys) and the 'Merry Marshmallow' wax melt from yankee candle. I love both of these. 'Merry Marshmallow' is such a typical sweet christmas scent. I really really like it, its not my favourite from their christmas range but its definitely up there with the best! 

Whats your favourite christmas candle?

Mad Wrappin' Skillz | #BigBlogmasProject2014

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

(Please excuse the quality of these photos the light would not co-operate with me ) 

If you read my Christmas Wrapping inspiration post you'll know how much I love wrapping presents at this time of year! I'm really happy with how they turned out, I love the look of the baubles I think they make the whole thing look more christmassy if thats possible. 
It took me a minute to figure out how to tie on the baubles and actually get them to stay in the one place and not be sliding around the place, but once you actually tie them into the ribbon they stay like a dream! 

Wrapping Paper - Dunnes Stores
Ribbon - Tiger
Baubles- Donal's
Glitter Letters- Dealz 

Favourite Blogs | #BigBlogmasProject2014

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

As a blogger myself I do love to sit down and read other blogs both for ideas and just because I like reading. Over the past while I've developed a few favourite blogs that I keep going back to and who's posts I really enjoy reading.

Zoe is also a teenage Irish blogger like myself, and her blog is a great beauty/fashion/lifestyle blog. Her and I generally have the same taste in things so I generally trust everything she recommends. I would definitely recommend you go check her blog out if you haven't already.

Another great beauty and fashion blog if you're into that sort of thing. This also someone's opinion who I really trust. Also her hair. Its the most gorgeous shade of purple, I love it! 

Another great Irish blog. Once again someone whose opinion I trust completely. The two lovely girls ( see what I did there ) that write this blog are so funny and they seem like the best of craic! 

What blogs do you recommend?

Favourite Christmas Movies | #Bigblogmasproject2014

Monday, 15 December 2014

Christmas is always a great time to sit down and watch a movie, by the fire with the christmas tree up, its really great. 
The christmas first movie I love is 'Tim Burtons The Nightmare Before Christmas'. Is it a halloween movie? Is it a christmas movie? Both? Regardless its a pretty good movie! The whole story is great and its really funny a great one for kids too! The next movie on my list are the 'Home Alone' movies. I think everybody loves these and they're basically a classic. If you haven't seen them ye, finish reading this blog post (obviously) and go watch them.  The last movies on my list are the 'Die Hard' movies, not exactly christmas movies but they are really good movies to watch around christmas time, they might not be everyones taste but I personally love them. 

What are your favourite christmas movies?

Christmas Wrapping Inspiration | #BigBlogmasProject2014

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Pictures from pinterest

One of my favourite things about christmas is wrapping the presents. I don't know why I love it so much, I just do.  I really love buying all of my wrapping stuff so they co-ordinate. This year my theme is red and silver and I've started wrapping stuff and I have to say it does look pretty fab!
These are some photos I found on pinterst that I really love the look of! I really like the idea of tying a candy cane or a lolly pop into the gift, it looks really cool and its like a double present! 

Winter Essentials | #BigBlogmasProject2014

Thursday, 11 December 2014

L-R: 'Just Garnet', 'Femme Fetal' & 'Cabaret' 

A red lip is something that is always essential during winter. Lately I've been loving the Wet N Wild lipstick in the shade 'Just Garnet'. I Love the finsh of this lipstick, it doenst really transfer as well on camera as it does in real life. It has an almost metallic type finish which is highly unusual and its something I really like. Its also really really long wearing and its under €3 so why not?

The Essence lip liner in Femme Fetal and the NYX lip liner in Cabaret go perfectly under it. They make it last even longer than it does by itself. Though they are two totally different shades of red they both give such a nice effect to the colour. 

I own quite a lot of red lipsticks and liners and these combinations are by far my favourites. 

Whats your favourite red lip?

Gift Guide For Guys | #BigBlogmasProject2014

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Guys are notoriously hard to buy for. I decided to do gifts for different types of budgets and different types of guys. 

Build your own wind up car
This is under €10 so its great if you're on a tiny budget and its also great for a stocking filler. It's great for people that love cars and would be great for kids provided their old enough to know that you shouldn't try and eat tiny pieces. 

L'oreal Men Expert Complete Expert Kit
This is great if you know a guy that may or may not need a little bit extra TLC. This is slightly cheating the under €20 category at €21.41, but really for what you're getting its great value. 

Lomography Lomokino 35mm Movie Camera
If you know a guy who's more into creative things this would be great. I personally would love this camera. From what i've seen this camera takes such amazing photographs! 

Do you have any other gift ideas?

Food | #BigBlogmasProject2014

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

I'm definitely more of a Costa girl than a Starbucks girl. My favourite Costa drink is the white hot chocolate. Not even bringing the drink into it the cup is the most adorable thing EVER. The drink though, its so good. When I get it, I get it with whipped cream and cranberry sauce in it. Depending on the Costa you go to they'll sometimes put some little gold edible stars in it. 

Whats your favourite christmas drink?

Photo Diary | #BigBlogmasProject2014

Monday, 8 December 2014

This post is dedicated to the cutest little person ever. My god daughter Lauren is 3, which is crazy considering it still feels like yesterday I was going up to the hospital to see her when she was a day old. These 3 photos have been talking at different intervals through out her 3 years. She's one of the funniest and smart witted little child I have ever come across. It scares me how fast time is going and that she'll be starting play school before I know it. She's some one who means a lot to me and christmas is a time to appreciate those people. 

Christmas Wishlist | #BigBlogmasProject2014

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Since its coming up to christmas time, what better to talk about than whats on my christmas list! 

Urban Decay On The Run Palette 
This coveted palette is amazing if you travel a lot. It has 5 gorgeous shadows, a blush, Highlight and contour shades, along with 3 other full sized products from the brand. I'm very excited to get this, It looks great and would make a great gift to give someone too. 

Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Set
These have also been much lusted after in the brush world. They're so pretty to look at! I haven't actually tried any brushed from Zoeva but from all the reviews I've read they seem to be pretty spectacular. Plus you really can't have too many brushes, can you?

Car insurance
I turn 17 at the start of january and I'm really excited to start driving. I'm doing my theory on the 17th of this month so heres hoping I pass. I have enough saved up for a car, the only thing is insurance is a killer! It's almost twice the price of what I would pay for a car. Its totally ridiculous, but it has to be done. 

I think that as we get older the things we want for christmas are less materialistic. The things we want cannot be bought, which is sad. But on a more positive note, What do you want for christmas?

Those Cozy Winter Nights

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Winter is the best time to start watching any TV show. For me when I start a TV show I don't stop until I've finished it. I have a netflix subscription so its very easy for me to watch them from start to finish, but you could use other online services or just invest in the actual box set. I'm not going to get into how many TV shows i've started and finished, because the number is actually shameful. However, these are my top 5.

Dexter is about a serial killer who kills serial killers. A lot more exciting and complex that I make it sound, there are 7 seasons on netflix, I've watched up until season 7. I'm pretty sure one more has been released but i'm pretty sure they got new writers or something because they fucked it up royally. Its definitely worth watching the first 6 seasons though. Its quite gory so not one for the faint hearted. 

Breaking Bad
A cult favourite. If you haven't watched it yet you're majorly missing out. Dare I say, it may be some of the best TV Series ever made. I'm not going to go on about it because if you haven't watched it you've heard about it. 

Greys Anatomy 
This is unfortunately is only available on American Netflix (You can get it if you already have a netflix subscription and download the Hola extension for google chrome). There are 10 seasons and its so worth watching from the start! All 10 seasons are full of unexpected twists and turns. A friendship like Christina and Meredith's please. 

This is hilarious and intense at the same time. You really need to pay attention to whats happening or else you'll be really confused. Each episode is an hour long and theres only 3 episodes per season. Despite how few episodes there are its a great one to watch. 

Gossip Girl
Again, another classic. If you haven't seen it you've heard about it. You'll crave Blairs cunning, and Serena's wardrobe. The 6th and final season is the best one. Some of the best of any TV show I've watched. 

Do you have any recommendations? 

Christmas Decoration Wishlist | #BigBlogmasProject2014

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Christmas is kind of my thing. I love everything christmas related. Especially decorations. One of my favourite things is decorating my tree, its a tiny little thing that sits on my desk,  but decorating it delights me nonetheless. 

When I was in the disney store about a month ago I saw these baubles from 'Tim Burtons The Nightmare Before Christmas'. COOLEST.THING.EVER.  To be honest i'm still not totally over it. I really really want them but they're too big for my little christmas tree, but when I advance on to a bigger and badder tree these will be the first thing I buy for it. 

I live quite close to Newbridge silverware so I love going in there around christmas time, it's so festive. The christmas tree decorations are some of my favourites, they're so beautifully made. They can be slightly on the expensive side, but they would make great gifts for your mam or aunty or your friend thats very enthusiastic about christmas. 

Whats on your wish list?

What's On My Tree | #BigBlogmasProject2014

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Decorating this little tree is one of my favourite things about christmas. I'm pretty sure I bought this little thing from woodies, and all the little Baubles are from penny's. I think its so cute! I love the silver and red theme on it, I think the colours work so well together. When this is up it makes my room feel so christmassy! A tree like this is great if you're short on space but still want something christmassy. 

Gift Guide For Girls | #BigBlogmasproject2014

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Girls are notoriously difficult creatures to buy presents for. Since it's on the run up to christmas I think this post might help someone. Whether its for you're best friend, mother, girlfriend, I figure this can't hurt right?

Under €10-
Burts Bee's 'Bit Of Burt' Gift Set
I found this set and thought if you were on a budget it would be a great gift. If you wanted to buy this as a stocking filler it would be great for that also. I also love the quality of Burt's Bees products, so this is really great. I recently watched the documentary made about the founder of 'Burt's Bees'. The documentary'Burt's Buzz', if you're into that sort of thing its really worth the watch.

Under €20-
Trilogy Luscious Rosehip Lips gift set
Again this is great if you're on a budget. Especially since the value of this set is over €25 and you're getting it for €14.95. Along with that, you can never really have too many lip balms can you?

Under €50
Real Techniques Nic's Picks Limited Edition Brush Set
Real Techniques brushes are by far some of my favourites. For the price you're paying you get such amazing quality. I would feel confident in giving this to somebody, that they would love it.

Do you have any gift recommendations or ideas? 

Winter Things | #BigBlogmasProject2014

Monday, 1 December 2014

What better to start off the Blogmas project with than a winter themed post! During the winter months my skin does this thing where it just completely dries out. So these two are completely necessary for me. They are the Cien hand cream and the nivea lip butter in macadamia & Vanilla. 

 This lip butter smells like heaven in a little pot. A little bit of this goes a long way, so it will definitely last you ages. Its plain white so you can just throw it on 
whenever and not have to worry about it. 

I received this Cien hand cream in a gift bag when I went to the ultimate girls day out in june. It was free so I figured it wouldn't be great but since using it I really like it. It smells very sophisticated(?). The only way I can describe it, is that it smells like a woman's cream. I quite like. It moisturises really well and I don't think its very expensive, which is great because its a pretty big size. 

What are your winter essentials?

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