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A Winter Lip

Monday, 27 October 2014

Lately I've been loving very dark lips. I tried this combo out yesterday and I found I really liked it. The combination I've been liking is the MAC lip pencil in night moth and the NYX lipstick in violet ray. 
 Together they give the prettiest dark purple, almost black Lip. Personally I love it. I found that when applying the lip pencil, it wasn't the smoothest thing ever. I've definitely used softer lip pencils but the colour is just amazing. I applied the lipstick on top and found the lipstick was very smooth but it did move quite a bit. So if you're going to wear the lipstick you definitely need to wear a liner with it. 
 From all of the pictures and swatches I've seen this seems like a pretty good match for MAC's cyber. I'd love to actually own that, but next on my dark lipstick wish list is rebel. 

What's you favourite dark lip colour? 

Style Steal: Chloe Moretz

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Winter is fast approaching and its gotten a lot colder lately. One of my favourite things to wear during that time is chunky knits. I love this whole outfit because you could dress it up and wear it out or put on a pair of ankle boots and wear it during the day time. It's also really warm and cosy without being frumpy, because I feel like thats easy to do. 

Fright Night | Halloween series

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Incase you haven't already noticed I take halloween very seriously. I have no time for those girls that paint on some whiskers and call them selves a cat. No time or effort, nothing scary. A cat. Anyways, A particular favourite of mine is a zombie. I've done makeup like this on my brother about a year ago and since then I think i've improved my technique and the overall look. 

The first thing I did is decide where I wanted my gory zombie skin to go, you could go all out and do your entire face but I just wanted something slightly less dramatic. Once I chose my placement I used my spirt gum (from art and hobby ) to stick down my tissue paper. To make the spirit gum tacky you have to tap it or else it will not work.  Then you rip up your tissue paper so it has some rough
edges, and stick it in the area where you applied your spirt gum. Once it was set in place, I covered it in with some foundation that matched my skin so that all my skin is all the one colour so the look will be more realistic. Next what I did was go in with tweezers and make some rips where i'm going to put some cuts in the "skin". 

The next thing I did was go in with a mix of red,purple and black shadows around my eyes, mouth area, and forehead. I also used these colours to shade around the cut. I really blended it out to look more realistic. I used a grey shadow to contour the cheeks to make me look very gaunt and also used this on my forehead. If you feel like it (I did) you can use a green shadow to make your skin looking like its rotten and gross. 

The final step for me was to spray some fake blood where ever I thought it was needed. Which was basically EVERYWHERE. You can't really put on too much can you? 

Another Haul..

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Its October which means one thing. Halloween. I personally, take Halloween VERY seriously.  I love all things horror & gore. I went shopping last week end and picked up some bits to make some scary looks with. I bought spirit gum and liquid latex from art and hobby.   I've been looking for both of these for a long time but the only ones i've found have been ridiculously expensive. I'm pretty sure together the both of these were still under €5. I also bought some face paint and spray blood from a euro store. Both inexpensive so I decided why not.  I've got a few halloween tutorials planned and i'm very excited to do them now! 

Style Steal : Taylor Swift

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

I've been a big taylor fan for at least 5 years now and her style has changed a lot over time. I loved this because its something I would personally wear. I love the look of knee high socks along with a skirt since it is getting quite cold here. The shoes probably wouldn't be my first choice but I really like the entire outfit together! 

A MAC haul.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

 Last week I went to the ploughing championships, if you're not from Ireland and don't know what that is, its a massive competition and theres lots of stalls and booths where you can buy food, clothes etc. I'm pretty sure no matter where I go I can sniff out makeup and this was no exception. I managed to find a little stall selling REALLY discounted mac stuff. I'm not sure how legal or not this stuff is but it was majorly cheap so I just couldn't miss the opportunity. 
 The first thing I picked up was a lipstick in the shade 'Bright Pink' from the Lady Gaga collection. Its just a really pretty blue-toned pink. I'm not really a pink lipstick person but I quite liked the shade so and ,again, it was very cheap so why not?
The second item I picked up was a blush in the shade 'Dolly Mix'. In the pan it looks quite intimidating and very very bright. It can definitely go this way on the skin if you're very heavy handed with it but if you apply a very light amount it gives a really nice natural pink effect. 

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