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September favourites

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

September hasn't really been a great month for me in all. The whole going back to school thing really wasn't great either. 
My first favourite is boys' hoodies. But more in particular a boy. Lee who is my person (only label I could think of on the spot),  who has been a very positive thing in my life lately. I think everyone should have a person who makes them very incredibly happy and he does that for me, so definitely a favourite of mine! I don't usually do sappy, but there you go. 
Next thing only favourites list is the NYX lip pencil in cabaret. Its a gorgeous deep red colour. A really really nice colour for the winter months,  lasts forever too. 
Last item on my favourites list is the NYC liquid liner. When I first bought this I hadn't noticed the glitter in it. When I first used it I noticed the glitter and was a bit iffy about it, but its actually not even that noticeable and looks really well. This lasts for ages too! 

What's your therapy?

Saturday, 27 September 2014

I got the inspiration for this post from a video by Kailee Mckenzie, who is an american you tuber. If you haven't already checked out her channel, I would definitely recommend you do so! The last two weeks really haven't been great for me for a combination of reasons, and I've needed some cheering up. 

When I'm not in the best of spirits I love to light a fab smelling candle, the one i'm loving at the moment is the winter berry candle from penny's (Primark). It smells very sweet but wintery(?). I just really love it. 
Another thing I love doing is making a big mug of tea and sitting down to watch an episode of criminal minds. Just chill out and concentrate on something other than the thing thats stressing me out. 
Something else that really helps when i'm not my best, is a phone call or a conversation with someone who really cheers me up. I find that no matter how badly I feel if I can talk to someone who can take my mind off a situation or even help me sort it out , I will just come away from the conversation with a better outlook on everything! 

What's your therapy?

High end makeup wish list #2

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Recently i've noticed my self lusting after quite a few high end items. Recently I've been  really wanting to try something from Charlotte Tilbury. The packaging is absolutely fab! Plus i've heard some really great things about the range too!  
The next thing on my list is the Marc Jacob's Daisy dream perfume. Like wise I've heard a lot about this, having smelt the rest of the perfumes in this range and really liked them, from the description of this, I think I will really like this. and the packaging is enough to win me over anyway.
I was in MAC yesterday and spotted the full face kits. They're really good value for money, on the box itself it said the total value was €90 and it was being sold for €60. Plus I think they'd be great for travelling.  The final thing on my list is some Zoeva brushes. I've heard some really great things about these and they seem relatively inexpensive for the quality too. 

Whats on your high end makeup wish list?


Saturday, 13 September 2014

Earlier today I went to star nails in co.Kildare to have my nails done. I've never had gel nails before, so I'm loving the look of these. I have nubbins for nails so actually having some length to them is a really foreign thing to me. I adore the colour too, the dark wine is such a perfect colour for autumn!

A brow routine

Saturday, 6 September 2014

When I went to the 'Ultimate Girls Day Out' (post here) I was lured into buying the Cresty brow pack from their stand. When the lovely lady there did a demo on me I was immediately sold. I had perfect brows in an instant.  When I got home I did find the brow stencils somewhat difficult to use, so I started to use the powder on a angled brush, just running it through my brows. I find that this gives my brows coverage and shape in the area's where I need it. I love the more natural look it gives my brows. I started using a clear brow gel but found that the Maybeline brow drama in the shade light brown gives a little more colour and definition to my brows. Because I am blonde I find that if my brows are too dramatic looks a bit odd, but this routine is turning out to work quite well for me. 

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