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Review: Collection Cream Puff Lip Creams.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

So the Other day I was in boots ( A real shocker I know) And I saw these at the Collection stand and thought 'Hey they're under a fiver why the hell not'. 

I got them in 2 out of the 3 shades that were there. There was also a nude shade but I thought it wouldn't suit my skin tone so I left it. The colours that I did get however are a nice light pink colour called 01-Cotton Candy And A sort of coral orange colour called 03- Fairy Cake. 

The Scent of these, I personally love, is really sweet and it really reminds me of the Yankee candle birthday cake scent. I love it but maybe its not for everyone. 

These shades are both lovely but maybe not the most suitable for Autumn. These are A matte Lip cream so obviously they are going to be a bit drying which will be a pain for most people during the winter months. 

As for the lasting power of these i'd say it's just okay. The only real problem i had with these is the way they wear off. They tend to crease and smudge and leave that nasty looking lipstick line. Not the most flattering. 

For under five euro I would say these are good products. Defiantly not holy grail but good none the less. 

Autumn Trends: Pastel Pink

Friday, 18 October 2013

So if you guys have been around my blog for any length of time you guys know my favorite colour and most of all pastel pink! So this trend is right up my street. Plus it can brighten up dull autumn wardrobes!

A really easy way to incorporate this trend is in a parka, it might be too warm in some parts of the world but in ireland its like the feckin Arctic! I kind of wish I had of waited and bought this one instead of my big parka from pennys, but hey what can you do! Anyway this pretty pink parka is from and at €40 its definatly worth it! Let me know you guys' fave autumn trends!

Review: Sleek ShowStoppers Palette

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Hey guys! So Recently I picked up the sleek ShowStoppers Palette from Cloud10 Beauty. The Palette is limited addition so if you are interested in it, I would defiantly act quick! 
 The Packaging the Palette first comes in is a little box with the crushed eyeshadows on it. Quite The Gruesome scene. When You take the actual palette out of the packaging its in quite ' sleek' ( See what I did there;) ) Nice looking packaging and is presented really well. 
Outer Packaging

Theres a really good range of colours and neutrals and also shimmer and matte shades. My personal Favourite shimmer shade being Sunset which is a nice shimmery slightly burgandy colour and Bohemian is my favorite matt shade which is a nice coral colour which will be beautiful in the spring time. From the research I have done before doing buying this product I have discovered that this is the first sleek palette in which the shades have been given individual names.

The Overall Pigmentation of the palette is good although I found it very hard to get any colour payoff from Paraguaya. Also when i applied graphite to the lid it went from being a sparkly brown colour to a dark grey shade. A bit Odd if you ask me. But overall I really Liked this palette the shades are long lasting and Pigmented( for the most part). The only real problem i've come across is a little bit of fall out and also the colours do crease. Even After all the Cons of this product I Would still really recommend this palette.

Sparkle on the lid and Graphite in the crease. 

  • Good Range Of neutrals and colours
  • Good range of shimmers and mattes
  • Inexpensive
  • Good Packaging 

  • Creases easily 
  • Some Shades don't apply as they appear in the pan
  • Some shades aren't that pigmented 
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