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Maybe This is Wishful thinking,probably mindless dreaming..

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Hey, Guys So I thought I would put together a wishlist of my most lusted over fashion items! Would you guys like a beauty version? or maybe this could be a monthly thing?

The Beauty Blogger Tag

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Hey guys! so i was looking around for some new post ideas and I came across this tag and I thought it sounded like fun!

Why did you start blogging and how long have you been blogging for?

I have been Blogging since December of 2012. My first post was An essence eyeshadow review! I started blogging beacause I'd wanted to do it for some time, and It was somewhere for me to show my love for all things makeup and fashion related!

Whose blog did you fall in love with first

The first blog I really really liked was Fluer's. A blog I still love now! But i have to say my favorite is YourAlmostAlice

What was the first blogosphere hyped about product that you bought? Was it worth the hype?

Ooh this one is quite tough. I guess the product I bought because of all the hype was the MAC pro-longwear concealer. Was it worth the hype? Honestly, I don't Think so. Don't get me wrong its a really really good product but I have found other concealers that are just as good for way cheaper. 

What are you four favourite things about blogging and being a Beauty Blogger?

1) Getting to share my thoughts and opinions about products!

2)Getting to Know other bloggers, I love meeting people with the same interests as me!
3) I find writing posts quite joyful and I love writing, it would defiantly be something I would love to do for a living when i'm older.
4)Having an excuse to buy new products to review;)

What have you learnt from being a Beauty Blogger? 

Definatly that honestly is always best. Theres no point in saying you like a product if you don't, people are reading your reviews to get an honest recommendation of a product. 

Have you changed anything since becoming a Beauty Blogger?

Not really no, I've learnt how to work themes and headers and such though.

What advice would you give to a beauty blogger just starting out? 

I would say, Post as consistently as possible, but also try and make your posts good quality but always remember, Quality not Quantity. 

What are your top 3 makeup brands?

Essence- Amazing quality for such affordable products. A great range and I really just love their products

NYC- Really good products, again for a good price but they have particularly good bronzers,blush and mascara.

The Natural Collection-  They have an amazing range of eyeshadows, that are AMAZING quality. 

Recommend your top 4 beauty products!

1) Revlon Photo-Ready Foundation- Amazing, My everyday go to foundation!
2) Essence eyeshadow Quattro (Review linked above)
3)Nyc City Curl mascara- Curls, Lengthens and seperates
4) Sigma Brushes! My favorite brand of brushes because they're not crazy expensive and they're such good quality

Review: Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Hey guys! So a while back I took a trip to boots and as I was going on holidays to spain a little while after I decided to pick it up and give it a try. I was quite Enticed by the pretty packaging and  Its many promises. I have only tried one other BB cream before this and it was the Garnier one.

Coverage: The Coverage as with most BB creams is very light. I tend to like a more full coverage foundation usually,but for the warm weather I just wanted something light weight. I built the coverage up by using a concealer. This is perfect if you have good skin with not many Blemishes. I also found that it didn't sit in any dry patch's I had

Shade Range:  There is not a great shade range with this with only 2 shades (light and dark.),but fortunately for me the light shade was an almost exact match for my skin tone.

Price:    I found this product to be quite expensive for the amount of product you get at 11.99 for just 30 ml.I also find it takes quite a lot of product to actually get my desired coverage.

Pros:                                                                                             Cons

  • Good Shade range                                                          Only two Shades
  • Light Weight                                                                    Expensive

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