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Makeup For Beginners!

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Hey Guys Emma Here:) So I know there's a lot of young girls out there who are really interested in makeup or maybe older people who just want to get into makeup!

A Light Coverage Foundation/BB cream - Since you're probably not used to feeling that much makeup on your skin, I would defiantly go for a lighter coverage foundation to start out. From there you can try to find what sort of finish you like and what colour's suit your skin. I would also not recommend spening a lot of money on this because you might not like it. I have recently bought the maybelline 'Dream pure BB' Cream.

Concealer -  To cover blemishes and under eye circles, For under eye circles I would go a shade lighter under the eyes just to brighten it up. Once again don't go and spend loads of money on it because you might not like it. My personal favorites are the mac Pro Longwear and the Essence stay natural.

Powder- I use powder just to set my makuep, and sometimes to get a bit of extra coverage.My personal Favourite is Rimmel Londons clear complexion powder in the translucent shade.

A Neutral Eye shadow pallet   - To do a very nice light eye, perfect for anything. My personal Favourite is The essence eye shadow quattro is really good for such little moolah! If you want a review click Here

A Lipstick thats your lips but better!-  A lipstick thats fairly close to your own lip colour but more red/pink, which ever you prefer.
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